1st post

My family went to West Point this weekend. It was pretty fun. We had to go because my brother had a gymnastic meet there. He did great. Now I am nowhere near being a gymnastic fan but he’s my brother and I gotta support him. The hotel we stayed at was The Thayer Hotel on campus. Its was ok, but I was expecting a little more. The food wasn’t to good at least thats what I heard. But then again I’ll eat anything. Well this is my first attempt at a blog. So no haters. Well heres a little about me. I wrestle for high school. I’ve been wrestling for 5 years. This wrestling season I lost 20 pounds!!! But as much as I love wrestling I love baseball too! They are both my favorite sports. I listen to metal music and a little hard rock. My parents don’t like it but then again I do got a choice… Right? Ha. My name is Gabe. I’m 15 years old. And I have A.D.H.D. So it can be tough for me at times. I have 2 cats. And I recently had 2 dogs but the one dog just passed away. I miss him but you can’t be afraid to die. And I guarantee you he wasn’t afraid to die. Off to a better subject who do you want to win the SuperBowl? I want the 49s to win. My favorite football team is the Patriots. But they got knocked out by the Ravens, hence my decision on who I want to win the SuperBowl. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees. Well thats it for today. Ill see if I can write another blog tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “1st post

  1. I love this!! You write very nicely!! This is a great outlet for you! Writing is good for your soul. Makes me smile.

    Is your blog public? Put tags in it so people can read it. Unless its private?
    I can help you If you want.

    Love you lots!

  2. I showed this to dad. He says “I really like that”.

    We love you. Keep writing!

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